1. Oh Sarah, I am loving your story telling talent. This is definitely a fun read, can’t wait for Monday…

      1. Have you scheduled your posts or are you writing as the challenge goes on? :p

      2. I write one every night and schedule it for midnight the next morning.

      3. That makes me so happy–fresh from my brain and into yours, ha ha!!

  2. Yum! Early in our marriage, we rode a lot. Then, after a trip up to mountain logging roads, and then a way too fast trip on a state route- the front tire blew out, and that was the last time I rode…

    I want to know more. I may need to go forward, and back… =)

      1. Bad enough. My Accomplice didn’t stop riding (he’s been on motorcycles since he was 6). A few years ago, though, he hit a deer on his way home from work (he’s a chef, so comes home late). He broke 8 ribs, collapsed a lung, lacerated his spleen, and snapped a ligament in his finger. He was airlifted to the hospital, where he spent 10 days. He doesn’t ride nearly so often, anymore…

        Which is something of a relief to the wife who loves him, and the kids who love him!

      2. We have something strange in common then: my husband and I were in a very bad accident together (not a bike but a jeep). The jeep was totaled and so was I, almost. Hubby had a bruise on his shin. Pray the gods don’t drop the other anvil!

      3. Amen!

        I’m glad you made it out alive! I’ll bet your husband felt guilty, only getting a bruise when you were really hurt.

  3. Wonderful writing, Sarah. I like how the action and climax builds, but that it is just enough not to overpower the loveliness of the story x

    1. Thank you! It’s a weird juggle, keeping it under 300 words and only one a day. A challenge but I’m loving it.

      1. You’re doing a wonderful job of writing the scenes in only 300 words…well done! I need to get to writing everyday too. I did Nanowrimo last year which kept me thinking and writing.

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