1. Oh Sarah, I am loving your story telling talent. This is definitely a fun read, can’t wait for Monday…

      1. Have you scheduled your posts or are you writing as the challenge goes on? :p

      2. I write one every night and schedule it for midnight the next morning.

      3. I am always happy to read them when I wake up.

      4. That makes me so happy–fresh from my brain and into yours, ha ha!!

  2. Yum! Early in our marriage, we rode a lot. Then, after a trip up to mountain logging roads, and then a way too fast trip on a state route- the front tire blew out, and that was the last time I rode…

    I want to know more. I may need to go forward, and back… =)

      1. Bad enough. My Accomplice didn’t stop riding (he’s been on motorcycles since he was 6). A few years ago, though, he hit a deer on his way home from work (he’s a chef, so comes home late). He broke 8 ribs, collapsed a lung, lacerated his spleen, and snapped a ligament in his finger. He was airlifted to the hospital, where he spent 10 days. He doesn’t ride nearly so often, anymore…

        Which is something of a relief to the wife who loves him, and the kids who love him!

      2. We have something strange in common then: my husband and I were in a very bad accident together (not a bike but a jeep). The jeep was totaled and so was I, almost. Hubby had a bruise on his shin. Pray the gods don’t drop the other anvil!

      3. Amen!

        I’m glad you made it out alive! I’ll bet your husband felt guilty, only getting a bruise when you were really hurt.

  3. Wonderful writing, Sarah. I like how the action and climax builds, but that it is just enough not to overpower the loveliness of the story x

    1. Thank you! It’s a weird juggle, keeping it under 300 words and only one a day. A challenge but I’m loving it.

      1. You’re doing a wonderful job of writing the scenes in only 300 words…well done! I need to get to writing everyday too. I did Nanowrimo last year which kept me thinking and writing.

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