Whew! I Knew This Guy Was A Tough Reviewer…


  1. This is wonderful. So many many books on my TBR list…so many many stories in my head, begging to be written….what’s one more added to the collection?

    Welcome, Tramp. Welcome! =D

    1. Ha! I know exactly how you feel–there is never enough time for all the reading and writing begging to be done! Thank you for the warm welcome to this vibrant, astounding scene!

      1. If I could read and write, hometend, go places and do things, hug people I love, all at once – life would be blissful.

        Oh, and watch Enterprise. Definitely Enterprise.

  2. Lol! Thanks everyone! The good reviews will hopefully ease the pain of inevitable bad ones down the road. Gotta savor the moment 🙂

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