1. Oh this sounds great, I just received the tramp in the mail, it took quite some time to reach me (I could order it on Amazon France). I’m going to read it during my holidays next week, as this week I am a bit too busy. And if I’m good, I’ll leave a review of course.
    You are definitely a pro when it comes to book promotion, I think I might sign up for this tour 🙂 I just have to think about if I want a review or an interview.

    1. Oh I would love it if you would be a part of the tour, how fun! Any type of post you would do would make me so very happy. Good to hear from you again 😀

      1. Ah I guess I didn’t make it in the time. I was busy preparing my vacation… But I have been enjoying the tramp (almost done, which means I’ll do a review soon)

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