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When thirteen-year-old Emily Jane MacFarlane is woken by her mother’s screams, she is certain someone has discovered her family’s secret – that they are Drifters, a race of people whose ancestors were genetically modified causing their blood to become a cure-all Elixir for the people of the City.

Her first thought is to save her Ma. When that becomes impossible, she promises to keep her little sister safe.

But her attempts expose her family’s secret to her entire village and Emily Jane is torn away from her sister. She is taken to Area D – the City prison where Drifters have their blood forcefully extracted again and again – where she is set to spend the rest of her life.

But Emily Jane can’t forget her baby sister, and although no one has ever escaped from Area D, she is determined to get out of there and fulfil the promises she made – even if it takes the rest of her life.

–excerpted from Hayley Barrett’s In The Cool Light of Dawn

Whoa! Now this I need to read. But, it’s Barrett’s brand new novella and a sequel, so I have to read book one first, right? She says absolutely not.

“In the Cool Light of Dawn takes place before Into Darkness with a different POV character.  It can be read at any time – you don’t need to have read Into Darkness to follow this book.  Emily Jane is a minor character in Into Darkness (she takes on a bigger role in the next book in the series), but I found that she had quite a back story.”

So the books are related, but not written in chronological order–this is a juicy extra in between the series of full-length books. I love that! When authors delve deeper into the history and landscape of their own invented worlds, you can be assured of a great read, with layers and layers of a rich story. Barrett tells me that there is a whole extra story between where this one ends and where Emily Jane first appears in Into Darkness but she hasn’t written that one yet. This is promising, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered this author!Hayley 01June15

Hayley Barrett began writing in the aftermath of the devastating Christchurch (New Zealand) earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 as a way of escaping from the ongoing terror of the natural disaster. In 2012 she commenced a novel writing course with NZ Writers College. Into Darkness, her debut novel, is the result of the course and two years hard work.

Hayley lives in Rolleston, New Zealand, with her husband and three children. When she isn’t driving her kids to their sports practices, games and other after school activities, she enjoys playing squash, relaxing in the sun and reading. Most days she wishes there were more hours available to spend writing.

You can find In The Cool Light of Dawn HERE on Amazon. Join the Facebook Launch Party tonight to celebrate it’s release!


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