I know why I put off making this final mandala in my new series. Speaking up has been a problem for years. And from the very first layer, this throat chakra painting seemed to be shouting… The throat chakra is said to be the seat of our addictions, and I recorded how I was feeling as I began, “I’m investigating my voice in the world and my addictions. I’m seeking new information about myself and I’m open to radical change. I know I’ve been holding on to so much these past two years, and I see now that I might as well have been graspingRead More →

This was written by one of my oldest and best friends, Amy. Good to know that February wasn’t easy for a lot of us! Hello, March! Much better energy so far for me. If not for you, this post is a good reminder of where to find true love.Read More →

This is my first post in over a year, because I’ve been busy with an endless, vomitous, soul-crushing divorce. It was unavoidable. Most people we knew were so sorry to hear about it, because they always saw us as a well-matched couple, and they loved us both. Then, my friends and family deserted him, and his friends and family deserted me. We tried a “conscious uncoupling.” That was a catastrophe. We attempted “co-parenting” because that was a pleasant sounding fiction, but we were always at each others throats behind the scenes. I finally admitted that was bullshit, too. We used to be best friends. AndRead More →