The Tramp was my first project with LayerCake Productions, and it introduced me to the possibilities of working across genres. We blended visual art with music and storytelling, and every day there was a new problem to solve, some new software to learn.

I realized how much art making, writing, and music were intertwined–how they both come from the same subconscious creative well–and, as the brand ambassador, I learned to emphasize the connection. It was unique, and we often had people ask about how it all fit together.

full cover design for The Tramp

It did fit together for us, and The Tramp quickly became a lesson in social media marketing. I learned about blog tours, contests, author interviews, and networking with teams of independent authors to reach a larger audience and get our ideas across.

The Tramp wasn’t just a book. The band Her Last Boyfriend composed an original score based on passages from the story and main character Candy Vale’s poetry. The soundtrack follows the narrative from beginning to end.

I designed the album cover and a new band logo, and musicians, author, and designer toured together as quite a novel group.

We collaborated with fellow artists to put on an exhibition called “MAKE,” which served as a hybrid art show, book release party, and concert. The entire project was a thrilling, unique experience, full of creativity across genres.

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