Heart Chakra Mandala


The Heart Chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit, which means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”. Inspired by the center of our deep emotional bonds, our compassion and generosity, as well as feelings of self-love and self-respect, this art piece will be a welcome to your family and friends in any space.

You are purchasing a digital file, scanned from my original artwork, which is watercolor, gouache, ink, and pencil on paper. I have formatted your files at 300dpi in popular print sizes:

  • 30 in X 30 in
  • 20 in X 20 in
  • 16 in X 16 in
  • 12 in X 12 in
  • 10 in X 10 in
  • 5 in X 5 in

Please contact me if you would like to print the artwork in a different size.

This fine art print looks great on paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic!

Some print shops require a licensing agreement for reproduction of copyrighted artwork, so make sure to download that as well. The agreement is solely for personal use, but if you’d like to use all or part of this image commercially, please contact me for details.


The mandala effect in this series is produced by a meditative art making experience. In each, I begin with a general idea of the respective chakra colors, and the chakra symbols. There are also certain emotions associated with each. For example the Heart Chakra is about love, relationships, compassion, empathy, devotion, forgiveness, and acceptance. 

I use those words, colors, and symbols to reflect on the chakra meanings in everyday life. The words are a sort of journal, and the spaces where my handwriting overlaps form shapes. I find patterns there and fill in the shapes without overthinking. The process is soothing and repetitive in a way that calms my mind. Daily struggles or arguments seem to evaporate, and problems solve themselves. Inevitably, I connect with the chakra energy center very deeply, and understand my true self more clearly.

This phenomenon is known as Flow State, and happens in meditative art making of all kinds, especially mandala making. I hope this artwork will remind others of peace and unity, and help bring that awareness into the daily lives of others. You can read more about my process and Flow State in my portfolio.



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