Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala


This mandala celebrates the Solar Plexus Chakra, or Manipura, meaning “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit. It relates to self-esteem, personal transformation, and will power. This mandala painting will be a gentle reminder of that power in your personal space or home away from home. The bright yellow in this painting makes a statement, even within the rainbow cascade of its companion chakra color series. 

You are purchasing a digital file, scanned from my original artwork, which is watercolor, gouache, ink, and pencil on paper. I have formatted your files at 300dpi in popular print sizes:

  • 30 in X 30 in
  • 20 in X 20 in
  • 16 in X 16 in
  • 12 in X 12 in
  • 10 in X 10 in
  • 5 in X 5 in

Please contact me if you would like to print the artwork in a different size.

This fine art print looks great on paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic!

Some print shops require a licensing agreement for reproduction of copyrighted artwork, so make sure to download that as well. The agreement is solely for personal use, but if you’d like to use all or part of this image commercially, please contact me for details.


This mandala is about will power, knowing who we are, and feeling it in our gut. A departure from traditional geometric mandalas, this series was produced in a flow of consciousness making meditation. The organic patterns were made with the words empowerment, responsibility, personal identity, independence, and strength. It’s about seeing past the ego, and having the confidence to make an impact in the world.

My mandalas look quite different than the traditional geometric version of the art form, yet the goal is similar in achieving a meditative state. While working, I am focused on the the paint, the pencil or brush, and shape recognition. The burden of the external world is suspended and I can relax inward.

Sometimes described as Flow State, this phenomenon is about optimal experience, and it’s of great interest to me in my work. Flow State can be achieved in meditative art making of all kinds, and especially in mandala making. Read more about my process and transcendence through art making in my portfolio.


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