An Excerpt From The Tramp

Shirley is a small town set in the Smokey Mountains, and though my story is fictional, I researched the history (ancient and recent), culture, wildlife, and ecosystem, to make it come to life. Meet my friends, Candy and John, when they first meet…and tragedy ensues HERE.

Finding Hope Through Writing About Loss

As a guest blogger on Conscious Companion, I explain how and why my dearly departed furry buddy made it into my book, The Tramp. The blog is chock full of expert information on how to be a more capable and loving pet owner and friend to animals. Read more HERE

Diplomatic Reviews

As a staff reviewer for YA Books Central, I was discouraged from writing negative reviews for indie authors. What’s an honest reviewer to do when she’s given a stinker? I take the high road HERE.

Nothing Poor About It

Writing reviews for excellent books, however, is my pleasure. Check it out HERE.

An Excerpt From Wicked Lover

Read the beginning pages of my serial young adult fiction novel, Catchpenny. Written in the first person vantage point of an outcast teenager in a small town, Meg Shannon has stolen plenty of hearts. Meet her HERE.

Last Call

Flash Mob hosted weekly flash fiction writing challenges, and I won second place for this one. Unfortunately, the site was discontinued, but you can still read my piece HERE.

Painted Words, Wordly Paint

I write about old paintings becoming book covers, and trace a path of creative expression over several years. Take an intimate look into an artist’s reasoning for it all HERE.

Metaphorical Anthropomorphism

Sounds complicated, right? Love often is, but symbolism is not. In my foreword, I explain the allure of Song of Solomon and my research into this beautiful work of poetry. To download the PDF version, click below.